A poem a day

Do you know that feeling after having a casual encounter with someone? maybe in the public transport or in a shop, in which you just talk briefly or share a significant look and get to understand each other. It is not that you are willing to meet them again but you walk back to your life with the sensation that something good has just happened. It is like having the certainty of the world been a good place to live in or not been alone in this life.

That is the feeling that “A poem a day” has left in me, for a short period of time I was able to be part of someone else’s life, witness their daily struggles and efforts to make the things better and fulfill their objectives.

What I like the most is that the secondary characters have their own stories and screen time to show it to the audience. That’s makes the show more enjoyable for me, because sometimes when the story focused only in the main couple and their backs and forths it gets repetitive and boring. Other thing which is refreshing, is that the people in the story, at least at first, can be described just in one word or by one action, like “crybaby”, “advice giver”, “irresolute” or “prankster” to say some. I expected this to be tiresome, but instead of that it was like a joke which never fails to make you smile.

Other think in this show that it can put a grin on your face is the poetry they used in every episode, it can also makes you feel nostalgic or gloomy. But I like to feel moved when I read or watch something. It is a really nice touch and the aesthetics they used to introduce each poem to the story is another think I need to highlight.

To end with this post, I would like to share the main lesson that I got from this show. Even in the most common or ordinary lives there are some magical moments, the problem is we don’t watch carefully or we are living to fast to notice. A kind gesture can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Pain can also be a path.

Have you watched this drama? Did you like it?

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